All QunLink standard system-level products carry a warranty period of 24 months (12 month for touch and panel)* from date of shipment. (If the date of shipment cannot be ascertained, product serial numbers can be used to determine the approximate shipping date.)

Products, however, that failed due to misuse, accident, improper installation or unauthorized repair shall be treated as out of warranty and customers shall be billed for repair and shipping charges.

DOA (Dead On Arrival) Cases

 QunLink considers an item to be DOA if it fails within one month from shipping date. DOA cases are treated with the highest priority and items are replaced immediately and do not require the standard repair time. DOA cases should be referred first to our FAE (via the sales contact window) to confirm if it is such or simply a configuration problem. QunLink will shoulder the two-way freight for DOA items, while designating the shipping method.

RMA Process

The following are the RMA guidelines that have been established by QunLink to better support our customers.

RMA number and RMA form: Obtain an RMA number and form from our sales department before sending the faulty products. IMPORTANT: To process an RMA case, each product must accompany a corresponding RMA form that is filled mainly with the product's serial number, hardware configuration used and problem description.

What to send: Send the products without the accessories (manuals, cables) and components (CPU, memory, interface cards), unless you suspect the latter are the cause of the problem. Indicate these items if they are included. All returns should accompany a note detailing the problem.

Shipping cost & method: Customers send RMA goods at their own expense; while QunLink shoulders the cost of returning the items by using the shipping method it deems suitable. Customers may request alternative shipping methods but shall bear any additional charges.

Repair Time: QunLink requires about 10 working days to repair faulty items under 10pcs upon their receipt. Repair time will change for items over 10 pcs.