About US

QunLink Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Sept 2014 by a founding team that is young, dynamic, and innovative.

Our team expertise has been built over the years through experience in design, sales, and handling projects on x86, RISC platform and vertical-application system platform integrations. So, with our expertise combined with our determination for perfection and our partner oriented services, we can deliver the best services and stable solutions to customers within a short period of time. QunLink has confidence in fast-growing as an international enterprise with high reputations in the vertical-application integration and system integration field that'll bring success to our partners in their markets.

Positioned to become the world-class leader in highly-competitive industry computing market, QunLink is the ideal partner to acquire the best products that can response fast to the market demands, and achieve cost-efficiency, optimized service quality simultaneously. Fully integrating the resources of Sales, R&D, PM, Marketing, QunLink can provide professional, efficient and real-time services. At the same time, by shortening the project schedule and providing the best cost-effective products with greatest value to customers, QunLink aims to "achieve customer success", and attain significant operational and growth objectives ahead of the competitors.

The Vision
Our vision is to continue to utilize our industry experiences and knowledge to expand the QunLink solution range and further develop our global direct approach to provide exceptional value, cutting edge design and innovative ideas to our partners around the world.