Diverse Display Modules

Multiplex Display Modules adapt to different working environments! Diversified display modules enable the Modularized Industrial Panel PC to have more combinations to cope with different industrial automation environments. QunLink's display Modules provide two types of touch screen: Resistive Touch Panel (RTP) and Projected Capacitive Touch. RTP display modules allow users to control in more ways, whether wearing gloves or using suitable objects around, users can directly touch the screen to operate the system. Panel PC can be installed in more environments with different conditions. In addition, QunLink also provide 27" large-size Display Modules, sunlight-readable Display Modules, and Open Frame Display Module,system integrators can meet different needs and save more costs.

10.4" to 27" Modularized Display Module

From 10" to 27", a Variety sizes of Modules Creates Unlimited Applications! QunLink's Modularized Industrial Panel PC Display Modules have 8 different sizes of monitors for different application needs, you can easily pair the box module with the display module to produce a suitable Panel PC for the project!

Modularized Sunlight Readable Display Module

High Brightness Meets Sunlight Challenge ! QunLink's Modularized Industrial Panel PC Display Modules offers 1000nits true flat multi Touch display module (Higher brightness available), with front side IP65 certification, it’s Modularized Design meets different application needs and minimal system down time during maintenance.

Modularized Open Frame Display Module

Seamless Installation Allows Immeasurable Possibilities! QunLink's Modularized Open Frame Display Module provides touch screen monitors with slim open front frame design and supports rear mount and VESA mount with integrated bracket design for easy installation.

Modularized RTP Display Module

Safe Operation, no Limitation of Contacting Forms ! QunLink's RTP display module's resistive structure is sensed by pressure so there is no limitation of contacting forms. Resistive touch screens work smoothly even using a pen or with gloves.

Best Choice for Industrial Solutions

Why QunLink’s BOX MODULES are the best choice for industrial solutions? Industrial Motherboards. Modularized Design. Rugged Embedded Systems.

Rapid Customization - Speeds up your design cycle

The Qunlink Modularized Panel PC given a range of box module and display models, System Integrators can select just the right combination that is fit for the customers, without over specifying hardware and adding cost into their projects. Manufacturers would decide on a limited range of models for the box module and the display that will work well for their spectrum of applications. System Integrators would choose from this preferred subset of models to minimize the variation and stock required. Sufficient options are available, but the selection process becomes streamlined, as does stocking and maintenance. Qunlink Modularized Panel PC speed up the design cycle by providing enough choices to meet any need, and making it far simpler for the user to stock and deploy the box PC/display products.

Modularized Panel PC for Machine Automation

Machine Automation is widely applied in performance and flexibility for complex industrial automation applications. Machine builders are looking for an upgrade solution for their system with a powerful controller to increase their performance, productivity and reliability. Reducing risks throughout the product development cycle is the biggest challenge for machine builders. QunLink's Modularized Panel PC offers Display Modules and Box Modules to address the specific need of the machine automation market and optimize operations while enabling a long-term vision of sustainable, integrated manufacturing.

QunLink’s Panel PC Satisfies all Industrial Needs

In the Industrial 4.0 era, fanless and ruggedized properties are not the only criteria for Industrial Panel PC. QunLink’s Industrial Mudularized Panel PC offer flexible and expandable features and our new QPA series are based on a new modular form factor. Integrated with Module System expansibility, the new QPA series is adapted for Embedded Automation applications. The new QPA series also provide the time to market customized service, modularized design can perform it for vertical market. With modular design, customers can expand more functionality and create more possibilities in different markets and applications by more flexible and easier configuration way to step forward into Industry4.0 era.


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